20 Best Whatsapp Mods APK Download

These days, the development of modified Android applications is becoming more popular, and the applications for text messaging are now the ones that are in most demand. Of course, many other messaging applications are available on the Android Market, but the WhatsApp messenger app is by far the most popular.

WhatsApp has various added features such as text messaging, sharing HD images, video calls, audio calls, emoji support, and sending documents like PDF, DOC, etc. But many users do not find that enough since they want more added features.

Moreover, many are concerned with missing privacy features, like hiding their online status but viewing others. Therefore, to meet the common demand of many users, WhatsApp MOD APK, with many other premium-like features for free, has been introduced to the platform.

What are WhatsApp Mods?

A customized version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp MOD is an application that can hide your online status, the fact that you are typing, the fact that you are recording audio, and a lot of other capabilities. You can also turn off the blue tick mark that appears when you read a message that someone else has given you, but you will still be able to see the blue tick that indicates that their message has been read. This is one of the additional benefits.

20 Best Whatsapp Mods APK Download

There are also other advantages, such as not only can you keep your privacy with WhatsApp MOD, but you can also change the user interface of the entire application with the help of free themes that are included in the App itself. There are over a thousand different themes available for WhatsApp, and there are no costs associated with using them.

Best 20 Whatsapp Mods APK 2023

Here down below, we will be mentioning the 20 Best Whatsapp mods that will surely grab your attention. But before that, let us look at the requirements also. To use these Whatsapp mods, it is advised to have an android device with a version that must be 4.0 or above. Furthermore, it also suggested having an unlimited Internet data plan to use these WhatsApp mods.


GBWhatsApp is considered the best-modified App compared to the original WhatsApp. This WhatsApp mod APK was neither created nor distributed by the original WhatsApp developers; rather, it was created and distributed by third-party developers. However, you won’t be banned from using this application on your mobile device.

This application can be used to interact with your contacts by adding additional functionalities that will not be present in the official App. All you have to do is download plus install it, and you are good to go.

WhatsApp Plus

The WhatsApp Plus application is one of the greatest mods of the original WhatsApp

available for Android smartphones. It enhances the WhatsApp messenger’s functionality by adding various useful extras. This App provides a wide variety of incredible features that are not seen in the standard version of WhatsApp.

The software was designed for extensive video sharing, including the uploading and downloading of big video and audio files. Free supplementary content like themes, stickers, emoticons, and GIFs can be downloaded at any time.


FMWhatsApp is a modified and enhanced version of the original WhatsApp messaging app. You will not find an app that provides you with more or better functionality and customization possibilities than this one does. Fouad Mokdad designed this application, and shortly after it was made available to users, it quickly gained a significant following.

FMWhatsApp is an application that is considered a WhatsApp Mod Apk. This is because it provides many functions that are not available on the standard WhatsApp messenger app.


The performance of the YOWhatsApp app, which is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, is one of the reasons users highly suggest it. Those WhatsApp users who need more features compared to the standard WhatsApp program can download this WhatsApp Mod APK. It is the best option available to them.

Yousef Al-Basha is the one responsible for the development of YoWhatsapp, which is also referred to as YoWA. It has all of the traditional functions, in addition to additional features that deal with concerns such as user privacy or the customization of the interface.

WhatsApp Gold

The regular WhatsApp app lacks numerous capabilities that are included in WhatsApp Gold APK, which is a customized version of WhatsApp that can be downloaded for free. This mod for WhatsApp is modeled by the well-known WhatsApp Plus, which is distinguished by the bright, golden color and tone of its user interface.


The OGWhatsApp app is an upgraded and customized version of the original WhatsApp messenger app. Using this app grants the user of Android smartphones to log into two separate WhatsApp accounts at the same time. However, this WhatsApp mod APK was created by a developer who is not affiliated with the original WhatsApp, and it is a third-party app. This App provides additional capabilities that are not included in the standard version of WhatsApp. People like this mod since it comes with a few more exciting features.

Fouad WhatsApp

This application, known as Fouad WhatsApp, was produced by third-party developers; the name of the person who developed this software is Fouad Mokdad. The fact that you won’t be restricted in any way from enjoying any of the features if you update to the most recent version is the most significant benefit of using this software, and also a prime reason users were hooked on this mod so easily in a short time.

Because the majority of this application’s capabilities are identical to those found in the official WhatsApp application, it has gained popularity all over the globe. This is one of the reasons why the Fouad WhatsApp app has become so well-known.

Aero WhatsApp

Aero WhatsApp is nothing but a modified version of the original WhatsApp app that has been altered to create the new version. Many people are making the transition to this App because of the capabilities it offers and the added satisfaction it provides. This is a modified version of the official chat and instant messaging program, and it has a significantly different appearance in comparison to the original version. Hazar Bozcourt, a Turkish developer, was the one responsible for creating it.

WhatsApp Lite

The most widely used application for instant messaging, WhatsApp Lite, provides free messages, calls, and video over data while also providing access to sophisticated internet services. It was built by a third-party developer and had several pro-lite capabilities that are comparable to those found in the original Whatsapp.


AOWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers to add new features and choices to the application in the same way that other chats and instant messaging apps do. The name of the company that developed this App is known as zemods. Since you can find amazing features available in AOWhatsApp, it has resulted in one of the best user experiences.


HM WhatsApp, which is a WhatsApp mod Apk, an alternative application to WhatsApp, is a popular messaging platform that has millions of users. Hassan Moussa is the one responsible for developing this WhatsApp mod APK. This software offers numerous features and customization choices that are not accessible on the official WhatsApp client. These features and settings may be accessed once you download and install it.


Another customized and modified version of WhatsApp may be seen in the form of the NSWhatsApp 3D application. This software now has a large number of users as a direct result of the fantastic features that it offers. Nairton Silva, a third-party developer, is the one responsible for creating this WhatsApp mod APK. This software offers a variety of added functions that are not included in the standard version of WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Prime

The application known as WhatsApp Prime is now the most popular instant messaging software available and preferred by many users. Because this software is so widely used, its developers have released a variety of updated versions in recent years. One of these options is WhatsApp Prime. The purpose of this application is to serve the people who are bored with the original version of WhatsApp and get the most use out of this WhatsApp Mod Apk.

WA Tweaker

WA Tweaker is yet another one-of-a-kind mod that enables us to take advantage of the hidden capabilities of WhatsApp. In addition, users have access to a variety of modifications, such as privacy settings, theme selection, and customization options which users consider important and helpful features. Alessandro Paluzzi, a third-party developer, was the one who created it.


WAPWhatsApp is a WhatsApp app for Android that was made based on the beta version of the official App and has a number of unique and fascinating features. It provides features that are exclusive to it as well as provides additional customization choices that are not included in the original version of Whatsapp.

Soula WhatsApp

Soula WhatsApp is a customized version of the standard WhatsApp, featuring additional features and alterations. This application was created by an independent software developer named Sommer Damous. He incorporated incredible new functionality and worked his design magic on the user interface. The functionality helped to gain more users since users got bored of using the same feature of the original WhatsApp application.

WhatsApp Mix

Another modified version of WhatsApp available on the internet is called WhatsApp Mix. Nairo Mix, a third-party developer, is the one responsible for its creation. It provides amazing new features and a greater number of personalization choices which attract a lot of new users.


The primary characteristic that draws the attention of the users as soon as they download and install its APK, which, as is a custom-made application, is based on the official WhatsApp program, is the color scheme of its user interface. However, its creators have updated some components in order to include features that have not yet arrived on the original program or that will not appear on the original application, such as the ability to modify the kind of font that is shown.

DELTA YoWhatsApp

The user interface of DELTA YoWhatsApp is without a doubt the most striking element, and this is due to both the buttons that appear and direct you to various tasks, such as the choices available for changing colors and other characteristics linked to them, as well as other features related to the buttons themselves. Aside from that, the updated version of the program includes capabilities that cover many elements ranging from improved aesthetics to increased privacy and that allows more freedom for the transmission of messages.

CooCoo WhatsApp

CooCoo WhatsApp is one of the best mod versions of the original WhatsApp application that allows you to personalize the design any way you see fit. Moreover, it helps you to establish the status video in a synchronous manner for more than 30 seconds. It also allows installing several versions of WhatsApp on the same smartphone at the same time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the Best WhatsApp mod?

There are several WhatsApp mods that are highly praised for their functionality and features. But if we have to choose the best, then currently, WhatsApp Plus is considered the best WhatsApp mod.

Are Whatsapp Mods safe?

When you download WhatsApp MOD, you’re getting a modified version of the official App. As long as you download from this page, you’re good to go. We’ve checked the applications and discovered no signs of viruses or malware.

How to use mod WhatsApp without getting banned?

If you are looking to use a mod WhatsApp, then the above 20 are recommendable, which will protect you from getting banned since these have anti-ban protection.

Can you hide the number in the WhatsApp mod?

A WhatsApp mod has the ability to hide your online status, hide the fact that you are typing, hide the fact that you are recording audio and a lot of other capabilities. But unfortunately, it cannot hide the number.

How to send unlimited size status video Whatsapp mods?

Using the AZWhatsApp mod, you can send a video, and it will not cut the video into any parts. It will upload it with its whole length.

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