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04 September 2022
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5.1 or up

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The messaging app known as WhatsApp is quite popular all around the globe. Hardly anyone with a mobile phone is without WhatsApp anymore. It comes with a variety of features that you may take advantage of and enjoy using. You not only send pictures but also do many other things. However, the original WhatsApp has some limitations.

That is why a third-party developer made a modified version named Fouad WhatsApp. It is similar to WhatsApp messenger, allowing users to exchange messages, audio notes, and much more. 

People are downloading this version rather than the official one since it has superior features. Simply by providing your registered phone number, you can effortlessly use Fouad WhatsApp. After creating an account, you will then be able to use it like WhatsApp. Your contact lists on WhatsApp will show you all of your friends on Fouad WhatsApp.

About Fouad WA:

A third-party developer has modified the original WhatsApp to create the Fouad WhatsApp. The creators of the Fouad mod are responsible for creating this version of the Fouad WhatsApp app. Its user interface is quite similar to the one seen in WhatsApp’s initial version.

You won’t be able to tell if you are using Fouad WhatsApp until you see its logo and discover that the Settings page is different. The most recent version of the Fouad WhatsApp, which is version, comes with a wide variety of special customizations. 

In addition, the errors have been corrected, and many additional enhancements have been implemented. Only on Android versions, 5.1 and above is the most current version of the Fouad WhatsApp client able to function as intended. 

The original version of WhatsApp is missing a number of features that may be found in the Fouad WhatsApp. For instance, users are granted the ability to edit the app’s icon to reflect their own preferences, share huge media files, and tailor the app’s functionality to meet their specific requirements. 

When compared to the other modified versions of WhatsApp, the Fouad WhatsApp app is much more secure than the others since its makers additionally provide support alternatives in the event that you want assistance. Even if there are a great deal more features included, the storage space available on the Fouad WhatsApp is noticeably less; in fact, it is just 53.2 MB.

How to Download Fouad WhatsApp Latest version?

Since Fouad WhatsApp is not available in Google Play, you can download it from here. For a full tutorial on download, follow the following steps down below-

  • To begin, use the download link from this page and download the Fouad WhatsApp APK.
  • When you are on the website, click the button that says “download.”
  • When the third party has received your request, the Fouad WhatsApp file will be sent to the recipient. After that, tap the icon again to download the Fouad WhatsApp app.
  • You will now acquire a request, check to see that all of the data placed on it are correct, and then determine whether or not the file is accurate before submitting the request.
  • After that, choose the file you want to download from the Fouad WhatsApp server by clicking the “OK” button.
  • Wait until the file has fully downloaded to your browser before proceeding forward.
  • When the file has finished downloading in its entirety, you will be able to open Fouad WhatsApp.

Additional Information

An amazing modified version of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp, is exactly the same as the original. This modified version of WhatsApp comes with a large number of unique features that users will never see in the original version of the app. Anti-Delete, DND, Anti-Block, and other similar features are among the ones that get the most attention. 

In its most basic form, the Fouad WhatsApp is offered in two distinct variations: one with an emoji changer and the other without an emoji changer. Users have the option to download any one of them depending on what best suits their needs.

  • Name of the App: Fouad WhatsApp
  • Variant: Latest Version
  • File Size: 53.2 MB
  • Requirement: Android Version 5 or more
  • Developer: Fouad MODS
  • Last Updated: 04 September 2022


Access to anti-ban

Because of its one-of-a-kind qualities, the vast majority of users appreciate using and downloading Fouad WhatsApp APK with Anti Ban features. You might hide your private life by, for example, deleting your last scene, storing your WhatsApp status and videos, hiding your quarantine messages, or locking your WhatsApp account. 

The new Fouad WhatsApp is definitely worth downloading thanks to these features. Because it has an Ant-iBan function, even if you utilize the more complex features, you won’t be banned from the WhatsApp servers even if you use those features. This makes the app more secure and reliable to use,

Privacy Features

You can use Fouad WhatsApp if you are concerned about your privacy on WhatsApp since it has various privacy features that will secure the media files and messages that you send and receive.  

Not only do your communications have privacy safeguards, but your status update also includes a few privacy elements by default. You also have the ability to tag messages that you do not want to be sent using this app. The most recent release of the Fouad WhatsApp app is the best-modified version of WhatsApp that has been updated to protect your privacy the most effectively.

Participants Color

You are able to modify the colors used for the different parts of Fouad WhatsApp by making use of this function. You have the ability to alter the colors of a variety of items, including the background, the chat divider, the background tab, the navigation tab, and more. Through this feature, the users can customize the color in a unique way which gives them a sense of owning the look, and we can tell you that the feeling of having a unique color and design makes you feel more special.

Call Blocker

Do you have someone who is constantly nagging you and calling you from time to time? This can get very annoying, and you get more agitated over time. You wish there was a way to stop the other person from calling you. Well, you can do that on Fouad WhatsApp; you have the option to block the calls that come from this program. It incorporates both known and undiscovered numbers. Therefore, it strengthens both your privacy and your security.

Security Features

If you want to keep more of your private life to yourself, you should probably lock down your WhatsApp, right? However, you are unable to accomplish so since the original version of WhatsApp does not have that capability. 

However, Fouad WhatsApp does. It is not necessary to install third-party software for it since Fouad WhatsApp already provides you with increased protection compared to the original version by requiring a password to be entered before the messaging program can be opened.

Disable forward tag 

In the original WhatsApp, your contacts are alerted whenever you forward a message to them. Now that you have Fouad WhatsApp, you can send exciting content and clever phrases to your contacts without worrying about getting called out on your lack of originality. Using Fouad WhatsApp, you may continue tricking your friends and family into thinking that you are a cool person who has given the original content by disabling the forward tag on messages.


If you love themes, then you will love what Fouad WhatsApp has to offer. The Fouad WhatsApp client comes pre-loaded with a curated variety of themes, all of which are available for free download from inside the app. The application has more than fifty and a half themes, all of which are accessible to its users. Since there is an abundance of themes, you can customize your chat however you see fit.

Do Not Disturb (DND) – Airplane Mode

When you want to use the internet but don’t want other people to see multiple ticks on your messages or when you don’t want to be bothered by WhatsApp messages, this feature is a really helpful tool to have. 

The acronym DND stands for “do not disturb mode,” which is also the literal meaning of the mod’s name. “do not disturb” is also the literal meaning of the feature. Utilize this choice and take pleasure in your time spent in an online presence without giving anything away to others with whom you have no desire to interact.

Set Image as background 

Did you know that in addition to the lock screen and the backgrounds of the other screens on the phone, there is also a background for the WhatsApp screen in chat? Indeed, you now have the option to use a background picture in your WhatsApp conversations, which was previously unavailable. 

What really goes on behind the scenes of WhatsApp? Aside from that, you have complete creative freedom to upload whatever photograph you’d like. You have the option of importing images straight from your display into the visit screen. 

Download Interesting Status 

You don’t need to download separate software to make use of this feature, which is one of its many appealing aspects. In most cases, users can save their WhatsApp status using either the file management programs on their devices or third-party status saver apps. However, if you use Fouad WhatsApp, you just need one press to save your status. Additionally, it gives you the ability to copy the text status and paste it into the clipboard.

Font and Style Feature

This specific Whatsapp mod provides users with access to a wide variety of fonts that come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and shapes. We are certain that you would be interested in using them and also fall in love with them.


How to install Fouad WhatsApp on Android Device? 

If you want to download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp, then you can download it from this page which is free from any viruses. Now, as you download the APK file, let us look at the installation part-

Find the recently downloaded Fouad WhatsApp file by going to the folder on the browser and looking for it there.

  • To begin the process of installing, choose the “Install” option from the Menu.
  • Wait until the installation procedure has been finished.
  • After the file has been successfully installed, you may exit the installer by selecting the “Done” button.
  • Now, go to the App Drawer on your device. Simply tapping the app’s icon will get you started with Fouad WhatsApp.
  • After the program has been started, pick the button labeled “Agree and proceed.”
  • To verify it, choose the “Enter your Mobile Number” option and input your mobile phone number there.
  • In order to verify your mobile phone number, a one-time password (OTP) will be sent.
  • At this point, you are finally able to configure your Fouad WhatsApp by uploading a profile photo, as well as providing your name.
  • You will be brought to the app’s main page after the installation of the Fouad WhatsApp app has been successfully finished.

How to unhide chat in Fouad WhatsApp? 

If you have any hidden chat in your Fouad WhatsApp, then you might need to unhide again. Follow the step-by-step guide that is provided below to learn how to unhide conversations in Fouad WhatsApp. This tutorial works for learning how to unhide WhatsApp chats in Fouad WhatsApp-

  • Open the Fouad WhatsApp application on your mobile device.
  • Long-pressing the contacts that you wish to unhide allows you to choose them.
  • To access the Menu, choose the three dots located in the upper right corner.
  • A menu that can be dropped down will appear. Choose the “Unhide Conversation” option from the Menu to see the chat window.
  • The conversations you have chosen will be brought back up on the home screen.

How to update Fouad’s Whatsapp?

To update, follow the following easy steps-

  • Download the latest version of Fouad WhatsApp APK, which is genuine and has no viruses hidden. You can find such a genuine APK on this page.
  • Now launch the application and go to the Menu> Fouad Mods > Other Mods menu option.
  • Then, from the option that displays at that precise location, choose “Back up WhatsApp Information.” The data backup will start immediately, and it will be finished in only a few minutes time at the very most.
  • When you have successfully gotten a backup, you should next remove the current version of Fouad WhatsApp that is installed on your device.
  • After that, go over to your file manager and install the APK file of the most current version that you have really downloaded and installed from this page.
  • Open it up as soon as the installation process has been finished in its entirety. You will now be presented with an option titled “Bring back.” Click that, and you will have an updated Fouad WhatsApp. 

Is Fouad WhatsApp safe?

The majority of the time, on Fouad WhatsApp, this APK offers many additional features that you won’t find in the original version of WhatsApp, such as the ability to upload larger files than the original version, the ability to create lengthy stories, the ability to read messages that have been deleted, themes, and a variety of other features.

People of Android should exercise caution if they want to install Fouad WhatsApp. This app since it is a third-party modification. Therefore it is important to download the Fouad WhatsApp from a our site. Our page has the link to the genuine APK that contains no viruses or bugs.

What is Fouad Mods?

In contrast to all of the many modified versions of WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp APK APK is very well-known, it is the most trustworthy, and everyone is considering installing it. WhatsApp is gradually amassing a significant amount of popularity all around the globe and is also becoming more strong on a daily basis. 

The users of Fouad WhatsApp have the ability to adjust the chat styles, alter the design of the program, and employ improved privacy features. The app has an almost uncountable number of functions that can be used.

Why is Fouad WhatsApp not Installed? 

If the Fouad WhatsApp is now working, then it is advised to do the following things-

  • Verify that you are connected to the internet.
  • Check the status of your firewall.
  • Check to See If Your Internet Service Provider Is Blocking Fouad WhatsApp.
  • Keep Fouad’s WhatsApp up to date with the most recent version.
  • If you are using a different carrier, you will need to configure the APN.

In most cases, if you download the Fouad WhatsApp from an unreliable source, then it might be successfully installed. It is best advised to download from a reliable source, for example, from this page.

How to Perform Backup in Fouad WhatsApp? 

To backup chats in Fouad WhatsApp, here is what you need to follow-

  • Open the app’s settings menu by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
  • In this Menu, choose Settings.
  • Choose Chats.
  • Find Backup Chat.
  • First, click Back Up.
  • This creates a local copy of your chats in local files. You’ll need a file browser to find that duplicate. 
  • Find the backup folder. Here, open the app’s internal storage.
  • Inside the Fouad WhatsApp folder, you’ll discover backup folders and data.
  • Choose More to move or backup a folder. You can share it using WhatsApp and restore the backup on a PC, 
  • When restoring the backup, transfer the folder back to the phone’s internal storage using a file manager. Install Fouad WhatsApp and wait for the options to restore the copy after authenticating your phone number to use it again.

How can I download Fouad WhatsApp Free? 

People may use this program to improve the functioning of chats and instant messaging inside WhatsApp, which makes it the most popular mod available. Because of this, we are able to conceal some alerts.

The fact that you get unrestricted access to each and every function is the primary benefit of using this most recent edition. If you want to download the APK file, you can google the name, or if you want to download from a reliable source that contains no virus or bugs, then you can download from this page to make sure you get the authentic file.

Is Fouad WhatsApp Anti Ban? 

Yes, it is. At this time, WhatsApp is taking action against all of the modified versions of WhatsApp that are currently on the market. The vast majority of modified versions of WhatsApp. If you continue to use these programs after being warned, you risk receiving a temporary ban that lasts for a few days.

However, you shouldn’t be concerned since there are modified versions available, such as Fouad WhatsApp with Anti-Ban APK, which is not only functional but also has the AntiBan functionality. You will not, therefore, be banned from using WhatsApp servers even if you make use of the Fouad WhatsApp mod.

Which is the original Fouad WhatsApp?

The original WhatsApp has been modified to become Fouad WhatsApp. This version of Fouad WhatsApp was created by the Fouad Mods team. The user experience is almost identical to that of WhatsApp. You won’t be able to tell that Fouad WhatsApp is different from the original until you see its logo and discover a new Settings page.

In comparison to the original WhatsApp, Fouad WhatsApp includes many extra functions. Users may, for instance, change the app’s icon to one of their choosing, make other adjustments to the app’s settings, and exchange huge media files.

Final Thoughts: Now, we have had the opportunity to look at a few of the most prominent aspects of this WhatsApp mods App. Therefore, at this point, readers should have at least a general idea of its capabilities. People who like making frequent changes to their settings will get the most use out of this application due to its extensive feature set. The app’s user interface, along with its other components, is open to continuous modification.

Overall, Fouad WhatsApp is a superb WhatsApp mod that is a lot more fascinating and convenient to use than FMWhatsapp and GBWhatsApp. Its user interface and mod features are really easy to use and useful, and the user experience is quite better than many other WhatsApp mods. Additionally, it is only supported on versions of Android that are 5.0 or above at this time.

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