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People who are preparing for public services exams like UPSC, Bank POs and other such state level exams go through a critical period of their lives filled with hectic schedule and too much brain racking. A good way to keep the motivation going is to form study groups over WhatsApp. PSC WhatsApp Groups are a great resource for students to discuss an array of topics related to their preparations such as books, courses, exam strategies and tricks. These groups help fuel each other’s preparation journey in an efficient manner.

These groups usually have unique and meaningful names which resonates well with the purpose of the Group. For e.g.: “The Expected Civilians”, “Public Servants Unite”, “Young Activist Leaders” etc. These kind of names give an added impetus to the members in terms of pushing themselves towards their goals and encourage them to work as a team instead of working in silos. Such meaningful and positive PSC WhatsApp Group Names also help promote a positive atmosphere among group members geared towards achieving their goals with utmost sincerity and integrity by staying focused on their mission.

Group members also get a feeling of strength when they come together for a common goal which increases confidence levels amongst them through exchange of ideas, resources related to exam preparations and mutual support by others group members during stressful times during the course of preparation period for these exams.

One must remember that being part of these Groups should be treated not only as an encouragement but also be used as a way to learn from each other through discussions on various topics related to difficulties faced while preparing for these exams as well as best practices shared by eminent professionals in this field who have cleared high level exams previously due to ample resources available today online providing guidance from experts on topics such as books used, strategies followed or even daily timetables set by eminent personalities who cleared these examinations previously themselves . This helps build calming environment among group members enabling themto maintain focus on their aspirations further providing them idea and knowledge about the myths associated these examinations also helping members focus which prepare better while planning out effective strategies leading towards desired result with improved knowledge base required in order to clear these competitive civil services examinations comfortably .

List of PSC WhatsApp Group Names

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