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Creating short films is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning and coordination of cast and crew. The latest video technology must be used to ensure the highest quality product. Short film makers who want to stay current on trends and techniques can benefit from connecting with each other via WhatsApp group chats.

In these groups, film makers have the opportunity to brainstorm ideas, network, exchange tips, and ask for advice from their peers in a vibrant virtual workspace. Group members also stay up-to-date on film festivals, workshops, and other events happening in their area or region.

Group chats can be incredibly helpful for film makers looking to independently produce work. Members can discuss varied perspectives on different stories and collaborate on potential projects. Sharing resources becomes easier when members pool their resources in an open discussion setting. This resourcefulness can extend to budgeting as well; it’s often difficult for independent filmmakers to allocate funding without assistance from another party. Using attentive crowd-sourcing techniques within the group may help offset some costs as well as generate original ideas that wouldn’t otherwise come up in a one-on-one conversation.

These cross-disciplinary chats also provide a space where absolutely anything filmmaker related is welcome—from topographical videos to mini light galleries! Discussing different topics with peers is an excellent way of delegating tasks, so you don’t have to worry about missing any important details in your shoots or scenes. Filmmakers are always looking for ways to show their work off — whether its by hosting a screening or an exhibition — which is why using multiple platforms provide invaluable content which allows the group members start networking with other industry professionals they never knew were available for them before joining the WhatsApp group chat!

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