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25 August 2022
Android 4.0.3 above

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You always have the option of installing a customized version of this program if you find the standard version of WhatsApp has become too mundane for your liking. You are familiar with the concept of a WhatsApp mod, aren’t you? Yes, a customized version of the official app not only enables us to add new features but also enables us to tweak some parts of the app.

WhatsApp Gold is one of the WhatsApp mods that has gained popularity for having exciting and unique features that will make your chatting experience revolutionary. This is one of the versions that has received the greatest praise from users of alternative developments to the official program that is used to chat and send messages, and it is often updated.

WhatsApp Gold integrates all of the latter’s capabilities and brings us a user interface full of golden themes and designs.

Here in this post, we will mention all the details of WhatsApp gold which includes amazing features and options. So to get the WhatsApp Gold APK Download For Android Latest Version 14.37, read more.

What is WhatsApp Gold?

The popular WhatsApp mod known as WhatsApp Gold comes with many capabilities that are not available in the original version of WhatsApp. In WhatsApp Gold, you get access to features that are not available in the free version of WhatsApp that is installed on your phone.

You have the ability to modify your app in any way that you see fit in order to give it a fresh appearance. This modified version was primarily created by Abu Arab with the intention of providing WhatsApp users with a greater number of capabilities and removing the limitations imposed by the original WhatsApp client’s features and functionality.

You will have a fine experience by having the accessibility of additional themes, emoticons, and visiting options, thanks to the newly modified app name WhatsApp Gold. You have the capacity and the flexibility to personalize the settings, features, themes, backgrounds, privacy settings, message scheduling, and many other aspects of the app with the Whatsapp Gold APK.

Download WhatsApp Gold APK Latest Version 2022

Are you looking forward to downloading the WhatsApp Gold APK Latest version 14.37? Here is where you can get the most recent version of WhatsApp Gold for Android.

App details: 

  • Name of the app: WhatsApp Gold
  • Required Android Version: Android 2.3 and above
  • Current Version: 14.37
  • Size of the App: 55.5 MB
  • Requirements for Root: Optional
  • Last Updated: 25 August 2022

The APK file for WhatsApp Gold may be downloaded onto any device that uses the Android operating system. You may get WhatsApp Gold for Samsung phones, WhatsApp Gold for Vivo phones, WhatsApp Gold for Oppo phones, and WhatsApp Gold for Realme phones from this website.

Additionally, you can download FMWhatsapp, GBWhatsapp, WhatsApp Gold for Xiaomi phones and WhatsApp Gold for Mi phones. Support is provided for all manufacturers of Android devices, including Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Realme, and Mi, amongst others.

WhatsApp Gold APK Full Features:

This modified version of the app has over fifty more features that are exclusive to it and are not included in the original version of the program. Following is an explanation of some of the choices and features that customers find to be the most helpful and in-demand.

WhatsApp Gold is a fun and exciting modded app to use. And here is why-

  • The official WhatsApp app served as the basis for the WhatsApp Gold application, which incorporates all of WhatsApp’s original features.
  • Anti-ban Protection Feature is available.
  • Increased control over the management of privacy by providing the ability to hide our connection status.
  • You may download a variety of different themes.
  • It has the ability to attach more photos and videos to our communications.
  • Support for bigger files.
  • Additional ability to download the current statuses of our contacts is an option.
  • Checks and discussion bubble with a variety of different designs.

New Emojis Added 

In the WhatsApp Gold app, you’ll find a wide variety of emojis to choose from, and you can even change the wallpaper for each individual conversation if you want.

You may also expect to find several new emoticons. You may use them without spending a dime, and new emojis are being added all the time. If you have any on your device, you may import them as well.

Anti-Ban Feature

The WhatsApp Gold edition is an antiban application that only uses up a little amount of storage space on the device. The latest edition has a wide variety of updated and improved features, which together make the product easier to use.


You are able to translate messages into any other language you like, as well as into your native language if you so choose, using an option that is given to you inside the program. Sometimes the language of the text that the other person gives you, or a particularly difficult English term, is too difficult for you to comprehend. You are probably curious as to what precisely that statement means. You are able to take advantage of this capability in certain circumstances, and doing so would be pretty useful as well.

Advanced Backup

We have a tendency to throw away all of the valuable talks we have by making silly mistakes. On the other hand, WhatsApp Gold can assist you in retrieving all of your data from a source. It makes no difference even if the file you need to backup contains a significant amount of data. In addition, this incredible function is able to retrieve any and all of your missing films and photos.

Set lock to the app

A top-tier security feature of WhatsApp Gold that you need to use in order to keep outsiders from accessing your WhatsApp discussion. It tacks on password protection that must be unlocked in order to access WhatsApp Gold.


A fantastic privacy feature for chats that prohibits other users from erasing a message that they have sent to you. When someone sends you a message on WhatsApp, and if you delete it immediately, then it won’t get deleted for you. You will be able to read that a lot of WhatsApp Gold users are using it.

Hide Last Seen

The original version of the messaging app allows you to hide your last viewed message, which is useful if you do not want other people to be able to chat with you via the app.

However, you are unable to see the last seen messages of other users, regardless of whether or not the other user has enabled this feature, which prohibits you from viewing the activity on their account. WhatsApp Gold operates in a somewhat different manner.

You are able to keep track of your friends’ activities while using WhatsApp Gold, but they are unable to do the same to you. The mod gives you the ability to hide your most recent seen message from prying eyes, but it will not prevent you from seeing the most recent seen message of your contacts.

Hide Typing in Chatbox

When you are writing a message to another user, the Original WhatsApp application will show them a series of dots to indicate that you are typing to them at the same time. However, when you are using WhatsApp Gold, you won’t have to worry about the humiliation of seeming as if you don’t know what to say. You are able to write in and erase an endless number of replies without letting on that you have been attempting to react for a substantial amount of time. This is because the person you are writing won’t get the writing status update in the chatbox.

Don’t show double tick, blue tick. 

You are already aware that the ticks will become blue when the receiver of your message has read it. When the message is sent, there will be one tick, but when it is delivered, there will be two ticks that will join together in the corner of the message. In the same way that you can view other people’s profiles, other people can see yours as well.

The question is, what do you do if you don’t want people to see yours? The solution is to cover up the tracks. And all that is needed is just one app to make it a reality which is WhatsApp Gold. When you read a message from the sender, the app gives you a choice to hide the ticks, turn off the coloring, change the color of the coloring from blue to any other color, and do a lot of other helpful things.

Share your Location

When you are using WhatsApp Gold, You will also have the option to share your location so that the other person knows where you are currently at.

Send video Up to 50MB 

There are a lot of restrictions when it comes to sharing data using WhatsApp, such as the fact that you may only send a certain amount of images, videos of a certain size, and certain kinds of files.

But if you have WhatsApp Gold, you don’t have to worry about any of those things since it enables you to send dozens or even hundreds of photographs at once, videos of up to 50 MB in size, and a variety of file formats, and a great deal more besides. Therefore, transferring files using WhatsApp Gold is no longer a problem to worry about.

Send audio Up to 100MB

When it comes to sending audio this WhatsApp mod has the option to send audio that is up to 100MB. If you look at the original WhatsApp, you can only send 16MB of audio which is very less. You have the benefit of being able to record audio clips that are up to 100MB in size, which provides you a long time for recording audio snippets.

Upload up to 7 Minutes instead of 30 sec

Why upload for just 30 Sec when you can upload for 7 minutes? Yes, you heard it right; this mod helps to upload up to 7 minutes which is a game changer.

Beautiful Themes to change UI50

The redesigned and improved user interface seen in WhatsApp Gold is definitely a plus. The default golden theme is beautiful at first appearance, and many people like this style. In addition to the standard theme, this app offers over 4000 other themes that can be changed to UI50 and have no additional cost.

Altering the application’s icon is also an option. You may alter the icon by going to the settings menu. You may further personalize the app by using either the photos already included in the app or by uploading your own images.

Stylish font

Are you sick and tired of the same old boring theme? It’s possible that the formality of WhatsApp’s default font has become tiresome for you. No matter what the problem is, WhatsApp Gold has the answer you’ve been seeking for.

Installing WhatsApp Gold allows you to alter the colors of WhatsApp’s default theme, which is helpful if you want to personalize the appearance and feel of your WhatsApp chat program. There is a selection of topics from which to pick. You also have the option of importing themes from other sources by using XML files.

Altering the phone’s fonts and color schemes is something you may do if you want to personalize the appearance of the device even more.

You will find a huge selection of one-of-a-kind wallpapers within WhatsApp Gold, and you will also have the ability to customize each individual wallpaper. This means that you will be able to apply a different background to each of your chats if you so choose, and this feature will work across all of your conversations.

Add Stickers

You are able to get packs of attractive stickers using WhatsApp Gold, which you can then give to the people in your contact list. If you want to be updated with your knowledge of popular stickers, you can be sure that you will always have access to the coolest and most cutting-edge stickers available. To make your own stickers, you just have to go to the website and download the sticker make. This option is available in the event that you are unable to locate an appropriate sticker set.

Some Important WhatsApp Gold Features:

Highly Customizable

When you are using WhatsApp Gold, you will get the benefits of the interface being highly customizable. You have the option of providing WhatsApp Gold with a feature that enables users to personalize the appearance of all screens and applications associated with WhatsApp Gold. When using WhatsApp Gold, you have the power to create unique fonts for the whole app or for each group, as well as adjust the font size regardless of any limits that may be in place. Additionally, you can make your own icons for each group with the colors of your choice.

Better Security and Protection

WhatsApp Gold is a great option for those that value their privacy and security. Because WhatsApp Gold places a strong emphasis on both privacy and security, you won’t run into any issues when using the application.

Additionally, it encrypts all of the text messages, videos, and photographs that you send and receive before delivering them to the intended recipient. The WhatsApp Gold is more of a utility platform than anything else, and it comes with a ton of extra features that are designed to make using the app easier while also increasing its level of safety.

High Privacy and Security

If you are confused about its security then, It is entirely and one hundred percent safe and secure to use WhatsApp Gold. The security measure taken prevents any making an error in the app, and the user can use it without worrying about privacy.


How to Download and Install WhatsApp Gold APK?

Downloading WhatsApp Gold into your mobile device is not a difficult process at all. But even so, if you want to download WhatsApp Gold for the very first time, then you will need to complete the instructions that are provided below:

  • Click the link for the download on this page, and this will allow you to get the most recent version of the WhatsApp Gold APK.
  • Wait for the download to finish before continuing.
  • Navigate to the settings menu on your mobile device, and turn on the option for Unknown sources.
  • Once it has finished downloading, open it so that the file may be installed in the Downloads folder on your phone.
  • After you have entered the essential information, you will be able to use your WhatsApp Gold account.

How to update WhatsApp Gold?

If you want to update your WhatsApp Gold on your device, then you need to follow the following steps accordingly-

  • First, open WhatsApp Gold on your device.
  • Go to the More option. There you will find the three vertical dots option, and click Settings. Then scroll down until you find the Upgrade button, and click it.
  • You are free to proceed with the process of updating if there is a new version of the software currently available.
  • Choose the ‘Web Downloads’ option if you use an outdated WhatsApp Gold version.
  • After selecting “Web Download,” you will be able to pick the web browser that will be used to begin updating the settings.
  • To finish the process of updating, you will need to download the WhatsApp Gold package and then start the installation procedure.

Can I use WhatsApp Gold and Official WhatsApp on the same device?

Yes, you can. However, you must register the WhatsApp Gold and Official WhatsApp on two different numbers. Here is what you have to do-

  • First, you have to download the Official WhatsApp and install it, and you will be prompted to verify your identity by entering your phone number. After doing so, you will be given verification codes, which will either be sent to your phone via SMS or automatically detected by the application. You will be given the option to enter them manually.
  •  Check to verify that your mobile device has a reliable internet connection.
  •  After that, WhatsApp will ask you to provide a pin of six digits, and after that, you will be through with the setup.
  •  The process of setting up WhatsApp Gold is more or less identical to that of WhatsApp. However, you won’t be able to download WhatsApp Gold from the Google Play Store since it is a modded version. However, you can download the latest version from this page.
  •  Then you need to use a different phone number from the one you have been using for your regular WhatsApp account.
  •  You will be required to input your phone number in order to acquire a verification code and then create your pin, much as you do with WhatsApp.
  •  When you have finished setting up WhatsApp Gold on your phone, you will officially have both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Gold on your phone at the same time.

Conclusion: Even though WhatsApp Gold is not an official program similar to WhatsApp that can be found on the Play Store, it is still possible to obtain it using APKs that you can download from this page. It is important to download the APK of WhatsApp Gold from a reliable source like this page because relying on an untrustworthy source might result in your device being infected with malware or viruses, the precaution is required.

By carefully following the instructions that we’ve provided above, you’ll have no trouble installing the application. To summarize, if you are okay with the restricted features of WhatsApp, there is no need for you to install WhatsApp Gold on your device. Besides this, you go for it to download and enjoy its all amazing features!

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